Blue Water…how it started and how it’s going!

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

In the fall of 2018, I drove down to Savannah for the day in hopes of coming home with a new job. I had been working as a sales rep with a promotional products company for about 3 years. While I loved the flexibility it provided, I needed a change. I was going to be touring the facility of a local screen printing company in Savannah, hoping that by the end of the day they would offer me a chance to work for them as an independent rep. They did not have an opening, but suggested I start my own marketing business and contract them to do the screen printing. I thanked them for their time and began my trip home, feeling defeated. On the way, I called my brother, Ryan. I told him about the day and asked his advice. Never one to back down from a challenge, Ryan suggested we pool our resources together and start our own company. He is employed as a pilot, which afforded him some flexibility in his schedule, so I thought, “why not?” We quickly began putting our ideas down and Blue Water Marketing and Promotions was formed. We spent countless late nights on the phone, going back and forth over how everything should be done. I was so thankful that many of my loyal clients came onboard with us and helped us hit the ground running. We started off strong and enjoyed working hard. We started our company by operating from Georgia and Alabama, servicing clients all over the country in a variety of industries. In January of 2020, we hired an office manager and opened a small office in Gordo, AL. We were on track to have an outstanding year. When the pandemic hit and a global shutdown ensued, it hit every aspect of our business, except our desire to serve and provide excellent customer service. So, we forged ahead and, like so many other small business owners, fought the good fight and did our best. By the fall of 2020, we were rebounding and things began to get back on track. Throughout 2021, global supply chain issues and labor shortages have been a challenge, but we are more determined than ever to support our fellow small business owners and do our best to help our amazing clients grow their businesses. We have been working on a handful of wonderful opportunities for 2022 and we cannot wait to share them very soon!! Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past few years-our hardworking team, our families & friends and of course our loyal clients!!!

With Love and Gratitude,

Robin, Ryan and The Blue Water MP Team

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